Dental Floss I everybody should go over to  Facebook and and type in the search bar  Andres Eagles off field guide it’s a great way to bounce ideas off not just  me but everybody else in the group I’m I’m pretty much live on the the site from about  in the morning till  about at night Eastern Dental Floss.

  • I do not go in office we are  here to just Andre you want to do a  little plug for your group on Facebook  yes I’m probably.
  • Available but if you’re not if  I’m not there there’s a ton of resources there some of my good friends who are  also certified at Patterson technology advisors who give great advice and that’s that’s the way I would go yeah.
  • Noticing that picture of us we need to get a new selfie next time we’re together I know we should yeah exactly and I did get one last question and  we’ll let you guys go somebody asked our thoughts on outsourcing.
  • insurance and I’d written a couple articles on that I actually am a big fan of outsourcing  different parts of what can be done at the front desk so reach out to my team if you want to have some more information on that because.
Dental Floss
Dental Floss
  • I I did it in my office and I think it’s huge so  I’m not note thank you again Andre for your Twitter day this was great for everybody the next one we’re going to do live will be July th and we are now flipping to the other side Gel.
  • Soft and  we’re going to start messing around in chart so we’re gonna do an overview on chart and then we’re going to get into their treatment planning and in all of that other fun stuff so at the end of this you will receive.
  • A survey on Dee  and I are going to do probably five or six more webinars and then we’re going to run out of ideas and we really want you guys know what do you want to talk about what do you want to learn about.
  • Because as long as they let us talk live  on the internet we’ll keep doing these so so thank you everybody Thank You Andre everybody have a nice day back at work and we will talk to you guys in July podcast.
  • Interviewing Chris Haynes who has been a dental consultant for years her Chris’s passion for efficient  systems is grounded in personal understanding and professional expertise Chris is a.
  • Dental insurance electronic payment specialist who engages the provider clearinghouse and payer in simplifying the dental electronic payment setup and to complete the enrollment process with all partners to.
  • Achieve better cash flow she has implemented the newest methods for proper revenue cycle management time tools tracking an