dental insurance no waiting period from similar treatments now why can you dental insurance no waiting period I can implant dentistry can be very productive for your practice of creating.

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period
Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

This slide just have a quick revision of some of the variances you’ve got some of the options you have when you extract it so currently when you extract.

The tooth what options do your patients really have and what revenue does your practice really generate depending on

what extractions phase you may you may charge you maybe two three hundred maybe more maybe less and the current partial denture is only gonna give you.

A minimal revenue and it’s really not desirable by a patient’s crown partial into the same couple of thousand dollars maybe if you’re lucky but when it comes to and of course we all know dentures have potential issues of needing adjustments and you know fitting and realize and.

All that sort of carrying on I don’t have a lot of time for dentures I just don’t like the one but I referred a prosthetist to do all the denture work but if it comes to stabilization of denture happy to do it with us many implants a bridge may give you .

A better revenue better return on their time hello again not desirable for most patients I do find that conventional implants again are getting to the point where and learning about mini implants are not really.

Desires of going through the surgical procedure so this technique the keyhole dental implant of the crown which generates a fee of twenty eight to thirty eight hundred is the most desirable the number of patients are saying yes to .