If I’m enrolling for a February or March first this monthly premium dental insurance texas the first monthly premium will be pulled today and then your next premium will be withdrawn on the of the month before the month is it due and so then you’re authorizing a payments to be use drawn from your account and that’s all I have to do is click on continue we’re enrolling in plan D here’s my personal information my phone number were enrolling for a January effective date so my first monthly premium is not going to be the whole month

It’s going to be a pro-rated amount for that first month and you can change details here change whatever information you need and then you want to click on make a payment so the transaction amount is if you’re enrolling for an effective date that’s after the of the month we would be collecting today that prorated rate for the rest of the month and then the next month premium and so your options are a credit card or debit card or a personal check savings account you would just fill in that information the credit card types that we offer American Express Visa or MasterCard you would put in the name as will come on the card as is printed the card number the security card on the back of the card four two four two four two four two four two four two security code on the back of the card.

The expiration date and then you need to click on get an authorization from your client than your authorizing them to charge your account today for that transaction amount you confirm the cardholders card holders authorization you always want to ask if the card billing address uses the home address and then you would make the payment once you make the payment and it goes through you will get a confirmation it will give you your policy the members policy ID number and you will reach the member will receive new ID cards within seven to ten business days they will get an email confirmation that has their policy.