stands for direct dental access or  direct Full Coverage Dental Insurance Quotes ass access for short they have  three different plans here in California  and you can find out about your other states by checking in with me and I’ll  give you the brochures for those just to keep.

it simple we’re talking about California brochures right now there’s a  try it for days money back guarantee there is direct access value plus discount plan starting at night at nine dollars and  cents per month and that’s for one single person.

if you want to Full Coverage Dental Insurance Quotes add somebody then it’s absolutely be discounted to about thirteen dollars and  then you can add vision on top of that and there is a dollar processing fee another plan is direct access premier discount plan that’s seven dollars and  ninety cents per month.

same twenty dollar signup fee and then there is direct access premier plus discount plan at nine twenty five a month and twenty dollar signup fee they are different in  AD access through the networks so the discount plan value plan has a smaller network.

but it has bigger savings and the other two premier plans have a larger network and less savings so you want to get that straight in your head  if a person can find their dentists in the value plan they’re gonna save more money it just happens to be a smaller network.

if a person will find their dentist in the network on the premier plus and premier plans they’re gonna be  paying a little bit more money but they’re going to keep their dentists that way it’s a bigger network okay this slide is to show the summary of the three California brochures for three plan options kind of bringing.

it in more towards the fact that members may take  advantage of the savings offered by an industry leader in dental care Carrington International Corporation is one of the most recognized professional dental networks in the nation with a focus on neighborhood dentists with deep discounts.

This is a inside of the brochure it even has a little bit of a application to fill out and could be faxed and turned in and it makes it easy for you to do this in the field fill it out however I recommend you would go to your populated website once Learn more Full Coverage Dental Insurance Quotes