Dental Insurance Florida we have a nice change here the anterior view is going to show us what’s gonna happen here so we have all of the movements we’d like to see to generate¬†Dental Insurance Florida an overbite and over jet .

a canine guided or protected occlusion with posterior in Turkish patient without interference we’d like to deliver some credentials.

Dental Insurance Florida
Dental Insurance Florida

That give the patient a good occlusion and so we’re starting out with a malocclusion with a cross bite and some edge to edge and certainly an irregular gum line and we’d love to get that organized leveled and aligned expanded and rotated so that we can have all of these teeth come together nicely so obviously what’s going to happen is.

We’re going to put our first aligner on we’re going to get our attachments in place we’re going to put a liners in there and we’re going to then deliver our micro sd or perforation technique so I was using the forms that came with the clear aligner case where we would have these kind of pictorials of where the attachments.

What I would do is go to my x-rays and I’d start to use red dots to denote okay where can i perforate and I would highlight on my paper here what areas are available to me and certainly the dots that are closest to the crown are more incisively located and then the second row is more gingerly or mid mid route the .

The teeth getting narrower give us more access as we go farther apical ii so here you could see altogether what I was able to do on the upper was twelve micro SD or perforation sites and on the lower microns the old perforation sites this is one of the original notes that we would make it that visit to tylenol were delivered.