renaissance dental  little bit of digging to find out but it is there and also the Alex bus so the Alex dental bus of South renaissance dental t Calgary does a good job with a lot of the poor kids to fellows around and treats them for free okay okay so.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental
  • There are programs in place for people who want to access use they need it they can you know buy it and then there’s programs in place for
  • people to access it if economically that’s just not viable if that occur so the argument
  • That we have to put it in the water to help everybody or to help reach those people that want it and can’t get it is really not it’s not
  • very good so do we have any questions coming in Scylla so far do some comments okay all right I know that .
  • We did have a question from before we’ve covered so we talked a little bit dr. Bob you talked about filtration and I know we had a question before about the filtration what was that yeah we have a question here somebody wanted to know how .

the fluoride would affect us when bathing or showering so bathing or showering is a concern there is some absorbed through the skin not here as much as absorbed when you drink it or we have the oral mucosa but some is absorbed by.

The skin but the main problem is there’s a subgroup of people that are really allergic to it they’re really sensitive to it so if their pleura just touches their skin they’ll break out in blisters or reactions hi it’s that sort of thing that’s a smaller amount of people .

But those people can’t go anywhere near fluoride so embedding and showering yes if you want to get rid of all the fluoride in your house and a fluoridated city you have to get either a distillation system which is super expensive and distilled.

Water is not that great for you or most people go with the reverse osmosis system for the whole house which could cost anywhere from several like three or four thousand to ten or fifteen thousand dollars for the whole house system yeah I’ve looked into.